Joko Widodo is a superstar in Indonesia

According to the German major media, Spiegel there are similarities Jokowi with Sultan Harun Al Rashid, Nelson Mandela and Mick Jagger. What are the similarities? Watch the video to completion.

The Der Spiegel is a weekly magazine that the largest, most influential in Germany. Has a circulation of about one million copies each week, known as magazine dg academic writing style and an amazing 200 pages thick.

Jokowi that are popular in Indonesia, it also has appeal in Europe. Renowned German magazine, Der Spiegel Jokowi viewing figures are regarded as a politician and also a ‘pop star’ in Indonesia.

Joko Widodo is a person with strange characters, a mega star in his country, and a figure that grew into an important figure in politics in Asia. Der Spiegel calls Jokowi figure is the result of a mixture of a lot of character.

Jokowi mentioned that sometimes behave like King Caliph Harun al-Rashid, the legendary, who likes to sneak out of the palace in Baghdad, Iraq at night to mingle with the people and learn the mindset of its people. Jokowi also behave like Nelson Mandela and sometimes he looks like the type of Mick Jagger.



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